daily fashion & animated .GIF tutorial

Since this past summer, I’ve been snapping shots of my outfits pretty frequently.

I’m constantly trying to capture daily life because I hate forgetting the little moments that have the ability to retain so much life and memory.

So I took some inspiration from blogs like What I Wore and Oh Joy! and created some animated .GIFs with a few of my most recent outfits.

By the way, I pinned the animated .GIF tutorial on Pinterest after spotting it on Brit + Co. I am seriously in love with this feature, and it was so easy and quick to create. So be ready for more to be popping up in the next few posts. As well as a healthy helping of fashion on a regular basis.

Found any spectacular technology tips or tutorials lately? Let me know. I’d love to try ’em out.


wear | make | share | bake #1 – autumn

According to Webster, autumn refers to the season between summer and winter.

Yes, leaves should be falling, the temperature should be dropping and sweaters should be appearing. In Gainesville, the only thing dropping is sweat from my brow as I drag my way to class each day and falling are my hopes of a fresh autumn breeze.

So in an effort to coerce fall into the sunshine state, and other unfortunate whereabouts, here lies my most recent pinning frenzy.

In case you want to add a flair of the season to your attire…

1. Copper mane. You could dye your hair a copper hue and blow it out to give it a mysteriously glamorous frizz, or you could incorporate the red-orange pigment into this season’s wardrobe. I would go for the former, but that’s just me.

2. Metallic finishes like these darling penny loafers. First of all, I can feel a DIY coming on. Run on down to the nearest thrift shop, and grab a can of Krylon because my inner-Midas is about to run wild.

3. Layers, tights & loafers. Nothing says autumn like a pair of stockings and a cable-knit scarf.

4. Elbow patches, heart-shaped in particular. This actually does call for a DIY from Honestly WTF, and all it takes is a little wool and bit of love.

5. Leather pants and deep, rich tones. No, do not shapeshift into a biker dude for the season. Rather, hunt Forever 21 for some faux-leather, and then mix it up with shades of plum and apricot. …But the studs and chaps are tempting, I know.

If you like it all homemade…

1. Fabric envelopes. Those fabric scraps that you shoved in your someday-I’ll-need-it drawer, put ’em to good use right about now. What could be better than sending a cozy letter in a cozy envelope to match? Better yet, this DIY stationary is no-sew. Thank you, Design Sponge.

2. Natural bird-feeder. Just imagine a poised cardinal with peanut butter and oats coating his beak because he just cannot get enough of this nutty treat. And, to bring it into fall, ditch the orange peel and carve out a mini pumpkin bowl instead.

3. Birch bark lamps. These pendants are extravagantly rustic. I am especially fond of the orange-y light they emit. So, go on, try it for yourself.

4. Simple garland. Fall is my absolute favorite season, but let me be clear: I am not all about halloween. I do not like gore or rats or witches brew, and I’m not even that big on candy. If you’re like me, and you’re looking for un-halloween halloween decor, then look no further. This geometric garland from Me Oh My has a dash of spook and a whole lot of cute.

5. Comfy, cozy quilts. Patchwork is to fall as floral is to spring. Maybe it’s the scarecrows, but I hear fall and think quilts and a mug of apple cider with a cinnamon stick for stirring. This quilt is a hand-stiched design by Jessica Ogden and Jean Touitou.

6. Owlies. Featured on Martha Stewart’s website, Sarah Goldschadt, a Danish American print and digital freelance Art Director, creates these adorable stuffed owls. Again with the patchwork.

So you can gawk at…

1. Swiss Autumn. You can bet I wish I was living in Switzerland for the fall. This photo is by Nathan Lawrenson, a North Carolina photographer.

2. Emerald boat. I’m still trying to figure out why this boat says fall to me. I’m thinking its that rich emerald tone and the brass finishes. I’m also still trying to figure out where this photo came from. Let me know if you do so that I can give credit. Thanks!

3. Autumn mantle. If you’re not living in a college residence hall like me, then perhaps you have a fireplace and mantle to deck out for the season. In that case, consider Rachel’s, of the blog Smile and Wave, September mantle as inspiration. I am digging the mix of graphic patterns and minor autumn-y details, i.e. miniature pumpkins and acorns.

4. Scarf curtain. Apparently this image comes from Interior Alchemy on Tumblr, but I have not been able to find it for myself. I spotted it on Pinterest! Go figure. Wherever it spawned from, I am in love. Maybe I am a boho gypsy at heart.

5. Prints. For me, that means biblical prints in particular. This one is a desktop/iPhone wallpaper created by Lizzy. According to her website, she’s a “designer and an accidental filmmaker” from Singapore. Whatever the case, I love the typography choices of this print, the colors and the message. Oh, and check out For He Loves Me on Tumblr to see more of her wallpaper designs.

If you would like to taste fall…

1. Sugar-roasted peaches. I know, I know, peach season has come and gone. The summer is behind us. But one good thing about living in Florida in the fall is that we’re only a step away from Georgia. Yes, the peach state. So if you cannot come across peaches at this time of year, then just soak this in for what it’s worth. I think it’s worth a whole ton of excitement over what your house could smell like and your taste buds could experience after a peach roasting party in your kitchen. P.S. This recipe, & photo, is from Jessica at How Sweet It Is.

2. Ginger-spiced cider. This pin directed me to Camille Styles. She thinks this recipe is more apropos for the Christmas season, but I say that ginger and cinnamon sticks are just as much autumn flavors as they are winter.

3. Apple cider cups. Apple cider IN an apple? I’m in. And again with the cinnamon stick stirrers. Yes. Head over to Busy Mommy for more yummy recipes.

4. Rustic apple tart. Also from Camille Styles, except this time she also thinks this recipe is fall-inspired.

5. Apricot almond tart. Helene, of Tartelette, knows what she is talking about. Be warned, the crust seems a little bit challenging to concoct, at least for a novice baker like myself, so good luck!

6. Pumpkin butterscotch granola bars. On the other hand, this one seems fairly simple. I don’t even love butterscotch. Mix it with almonds, cinnamon, honey, brown sugar, pumpkin and oats, though, and I am there. Heather Christo has a plethora of additional recipes here.

There you have it. From the misfortunate Floridian autumn-er herself, fall in a fairly large nutshell from my forest of pins.

What has inspired you in the heart of the fall season?


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