Ye old antiques and the first Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!

At the moment, the aroma of stuffing is teasing my nose. And belly.
But let’s be real. Thanksgiving isn’t about food.

It’s about antiques. The first Thanksgiving was in 1621, was it not?
So what better way to celebrate then to gawk at equally old bits of American history at the local antique store?

Yesterday, my brother Thomas, boyfriend Ben and I went to Lion’s Head Antiques in good ole Port Richey.

Look. At. This. Have you ever seen a more precious ice bucket in all of your life? And it’s only $24. So believe me, I was tempted to make a purchase except that I only have a dorm room to host get-togethers.

Not much room for ice buckets. And technically it’s not really an antique seeing as antiques are 100 years or older. But one day it will be an antique, and I’ve got my eyes on Wise Old Mr. Owl.

And then there were these babies.

Don’t you just feel like you should be flouncing down a runway trying to catch your jetplane with these?
Really chic and all. Like her.

This is vintage tweed and leather Hartmann luggage. So 3 pieces for $249 probably isn’t that bad. But again, a dorm room isn’t very feasible. They’re just really beautiful. 

Have you ever seen a magazine dating back to July of 1879?

Now you have. It really is an antique, and it’s fragile so I didn’t touch it much. But look at that intricate typeface and illustration. For $10, I probably should have bought it just for real-life authentic inspiration.

Check back tomorrow to see the purchase we made!

For now, fruit cobbler is waiting to be made by yours truly and my mom. You all probably have some turkey to devour. And I have a lot to go be thankful for with all of the blessings God has graced me with. Happy thanksgiving all!



I'm Emily Ann Moschner. I was raised on the sunny side of a street in Port Richey, Florida. Growing up, I doodled, sprinkled chalk dust on rollie pollie ollies and yes, hand-copied pages of the dictionary.

Some things never change.

Now, I call Gainesville my fake home. I am a journalism student at the University of Florida, and to the despair of my notebooks, I still doodle. Instead of feed, I photograph insects, or anything else I find remotely picturesque. As for the dictionary, well I am constantly flipping its pages wishing those days of copying had led to any of it sticking in my head.

Alas, I created a blog. To be real, it's for a class. Or maybe that's just an excuse because I follow about 80 and this was the next natural step.

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