daily fashion & animated .GIF tutorial

Since this past summer, I’ve been snapping shots of my outfits pretty frequently.

I’m constantly trying to capture daily life because I hate forgetting the little moments that have the ability to retain so much life and memory.

So I took some inspiration from blogs like What I Wore and Oh Joy! and created some animated .GIFs with a few of my most recent outfits.

By the way, I pinned the animated .GIF tutorial on Pinterest after spotting it on Brit + Co. I am seriously in love with this feature, and it was so easy and quick to create. So be ready for more to be popping up in the next few posts. As well as a healthy helping of fashion on a regular basis.

Found any spectacular technology tips or tutorials lately? Let me know. I’d love to try ’em out.



I'm Emily Ann Moschner. I was raised on the sunny side of a street in Port Richey, Florida. Growing up, I doodled, sprinkled chalk dust on rollie pollie ollies and yes, hand-copied pages of the dictionary.

Some things never change.

Now, I call Gainesville my fake home. I am a journalism student at the University of Florida, and to the despair of my notebooks, I still doodle. Instead of feed, I photograph insects, or anything else I find remotely picturesque. As for the dictionary, well I am constantly flipping its pages wishing those days of copying had led to any of it sticking in my head.

Alas, I created a blog. To be real, it's for a class. Or maybe that's just an excuse because I follow about 80 and this was the next natural step.

Within the Pin takes pins that I have fawned over on Pinterest and uncovers the creator, designer, explorer, artist, baker and the like behind them. I want to give them the credit they deserve, and I want all of you to be aware of some remarkable art, designs, whereabouts, recipes and more.

So thanks for stopping by.
Let's dive within the pin.

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