I’m back.

Well I am one sad blogger being.

It’s been about 50 too many days since my last post.

The honest reason for my absence in laziness, being home from school and therefore spending every waking minute busy, the lack of pressure to crank posts out on the regular since the blog was birthed out of an ongoing, semester-long assignment for one of my classes, and now being back at school.

I told myself that the start of 2013 would be the start of new things on Within the Pin. But old habits die hard, and I am the best procrastinator I know, besides my mother of course.

Good thing I have lots of loving people around me who couldn’t care less if I kept up with blog posts or Pinterest.


See? Look at them. These are a few snapshots of my family from Thanksgiving right after the last post I published.


And this one with Ben. Isn’t he handsome?

Last Monday, I came back to school, and so it was goodbye to late nights watching The Office with Thomas (my brother) and Ben (my boyfriend). Thanks to this post from Sincerely Kinsey, I’ve been inspired to start scheduling posts and content long before I plan to release them. Not to mention, I’ll be digging for valuable content. You know, things you might actually care to read about all while sharpening my writing skills, desire for lovely visuals and Pinterest admiration.

Which, by the way, are my main reasons for blogging. I promise, this isn’t a cop-out, but I’m aware that the readership of this blog is, and may forever be, rather limited. Regardless, Within the Pin, which may undergo some changes over the next few months, is the perfect outlet for me to share interesting finds during my extensive amount of time spent internet gawking and, again, become a better writer/visual lover. I’ll be diving back into my fairly fresh blogging experience on January 21 because by then I should be settled back into my dorm and my classes.

Sounds like a plan to me.

Oh, and in case you read my last post about my antiquing trip with Thomas and Ben, my parents and Thomas, wise folks that they are, surprised me with the owl ice bucket for Christmas. Hooray for adorable objects that are also functional!

For now I’ll leave you with a current favorite pin. It’s from A Subtle Revelry, and I’d love to make some of my own and fill them with ice from Mr. Owl. One day.

Happy (belated) New Year!


Ye old antiques and the first Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!

At the moment, the aroma of stuffing is teasing my nose. And belly.
But let’s be real. Thanksgiving isn’t about food.

It’s about antiques. The first Thanksgiving was in 1621, was it not?
So what better way to celebrate then to gawk at equally old bits of American history at the local antique store?

Yesterday, my brother Thomas, boyfriend Ben and I went to Lion’s Head Antiques in good ole Port Richey.

Look. At. This. Have you ever seen a more precious ice bucket in all of your life? And it’s only $24. So believe me, I was tempted to make a purchase except that I only have a dorm room to host get-togethers.

Not much room for ice buckets. And technically it’s not really an antique seeing as antiques are 100 years or older. But one day it will be an antique, and I’ve got my eyes on Wise Old Mr. Owl.

And then there were these babies.

Don’t you just feel like you should be flouncing down a runway trying to catch your jetplane with these?
Really chic and all. Like her.

This is vintage tweed and leather Hartmann luggage. So 3 pieces for $249 probably isn’t that bad. But again, a dorm room isn’t very feasible. They’re just really beautiful. 

Have you ever seen a magazine dating back to July of 1879?

Now you have. It really is an antique, and it’s fragile so I didn’t touch it much. But look at that intricate typeface and illustration. For $10, I probably should have bought it just for real-life authentic inspiration.

Check back tomorrow to see the purchase we made!

For now, fruit cobbler is waiting to be made by yours truly and my mom. You all probably have some turkey to devour. And I have a lot to go be thankful for with all of the blessings God has graced me with. Happy thanksgiving all!

social media infographic | Social Caffeine

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I am a blogging newbie.

For a little over a year, I have been following blogs. Probably too many blogs. But now I’m the leader of my very own blog. Learning little by little with each post.

One little thing being that social media is often the fuel of a blog, because it doesn’t really matter how awesome the blog is if potential followers don’t know about it.

And this infographic from Social Caffeine helps to do just that. Social media sites have specific peak- and valley-times in their own viewership, and this clever graphic shows when those times are.

Yes, Pinterest is most active from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., you know, when the end of a work- or school-day is only a few pins away, and 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., when I’m avoiding homework at all costs even if it means avoiding sleep as well. Are you surprised? I’m not. But it is extremely helpful to know. Now I’ll wait to pin a link to this post until those times come around.

Do you have any helpful social media hints? I’d love to hear them.

design delight #2: helpink.org | sandy relief prints

Yes, Sandy was the Frankenstorm terrifying some of the most densely populated states in the nation and ripping apart cities unprepared for a meteorological phenomenon of its capacity.

The photos logging the aftermath have been captivating and devastating, and my prayers go out to all those affected.

But now, clean-up is an order, and businesses everywhere are doing their best to contribute to the recovery of Sandy victims. Help Ink is one of my favorites.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Help Ink is a collaborative project that invites top designers, illustrators and artists to produce art sold for the betterment of specific charities. Each week an exclusive piece of art is released in the form of a print, poster, T-shirt, stationary or notebook, and part of all purchases goes back to the indicated charity.

For Sandy, four prints were designed by four unique artists and 90 percent of the sales of these $10 12 X 16 digital prints will support non-profit organization All Hands Volunteers for Sandy relief.

And for those affected by Sandy, this is a relief. Fabulous art and a worthy cause, what’s not to love?

The artists in collaboration with the Sandy relief project include: Spread Love by Ed Nacional, Renew by Jeff Rogers, Unstoppable by Jon Contino, and Re-Build Up by Richard Perez.

I happen to admire Spread Love. Maybe because Brooklyn is the nook of New York whose streets I would actually recognize. Where my dad was born and raised, and where some of my family still lives. Where, for the first time, I walked to a deli, sat on a stoop, rode the Coney Island Cyclone, and hopped on the subway, err, I mean train. Do you connect with of the Sandy prints?

How about the rest of the Help Ink art? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to know which ones resonate for you and why.

Hi. I’m Emily. This is my blog. Thanks for stopping in.


But let’s be honest. 

This blog isn’t about me. It’s about my pins. 
As of this moment, I have pinned 3,567 images on the popular virtual pinboard, Pinterest. 

I pin recipes that make my stomach shout for joy. I pin outfits that my closet wishes it could hold. I pin artwork and designs that make my paintbrushes and fingers cower. 

But this blog isn’t about me. 

You see, my pins are tired of being orphans. So we’re taking them back to their roots. No, not back to their original pinner. They’re going back to their creator. This blog will peer into the family trees of pins everywhere, and in doing so, all of you will come to know some amazing artists, designers, creators, thinkers, explorers, bakers and the like. 

Because I don’t want my pins to remain pins forever, and I want their creators to get the spotlight they deserve. 

Enjoy. Let’s look within the pin.



I'm Emily Ann Moschner. I was raised on the sunny side of a street in Port Richey, Florida. Growing up, I doodled, sprinkled chalk dust on rollie pollie ollies and yes, hand-copied pages of the dictionary.

Some things never change.

Now, I call Gainesville my fake home. I am a journalism student at the University of Florida, and to the despair of my notebooks, I still doodle. Instead of feed, I photograph insects, or anything else I find remotely picturesque. As for the dictionary, well I am constantly flipping its pages wishing those days of copying had led to any of it sticking in my head.

Alas, I created a blog. To be real, it's for a class. Or maybe that's just an excuse because I follow about 80 and this was the next natural step.

Within the Pin takes pins that I have fawned over on Pinterest and uncovers the creator, designer, explorer, artist, baker and the like behind them. I want to give them the credit they deserve, and I want all of you to be aware of some remarkable art, designs, whereabouts, recipes and more.

So thanks for stopping by.
Let's dive within the pin.

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