Adhering to a schedule & designing one.


It’s hard to admit, but my organizational skills are a bit squeaky. As in they’ve probably never been properly greased.

One area where organization is absolutely vital, especially being a journalism major who is generally busy, is with my schedule.

Some people manage to keep it all up in their noggins. I, however, happen to be a very visual little human, and so while I have a decent memory when it comes to, say, the shoes that girl was wearing on the bus, I can be a scatterbrain when it comes to deadlines or commitments. It also becomes very difficult for my family to keep up with me, when to call, when not to call and whatnot, since I’m away at college. But let’s be real, I’m also just enamored by Adobe Illustrator and want to be designing all the day long. I’ll take any excuse I can get.

Last semester I made this schedule:

em's fall schedule.
It did it’s job: I distributed it to my family and even hung one on the door of my dorm so my roommate almost always knew where I was, and I always knew where I was going.

But this semester I was sort of over the drabby colors I chose last season. So emerged my spring semester schedule:

em's spring schedule | single.
Since I am super in love with the Pie for Breakfast print by Emily Rickard that’s over on Society 6 (so much so a lovely friend of mine bought me the pillow print and my apartment will be decorated around it next semester), I chose it as my main source of inspiration for this schedule.

The colors obviously relate. Blue and red are such classic, polished colors, but these shades in particular make them so fresh. The hand-drawn elements are quirky. I always like me a dash of quirk. And they take on the painterly feel that completely sums up the original print. Not to mention, I made them using my new adorably sleek and addicting¬†Wacom Bamboo tablet¬†(thank you Mom and Dad!). Sometimes I use it for menial tasks on the computer. Forget the trackpad. My tablet knows where it’s at. As for typefaces, I was/am in a very French baguette sort of mood. Probably thanks to this adorable Olive Us video. Please check it out. You’ll be swooning over the innocent cuteness. Anyway, I went with BodoniXT. And yes, I am aware that Bodoni was an Italian printer. But his namesake typeface just did it for me this time. That dainty, girlish typeface at the bottom is Learning Curve.

So now I am off to send the schedule out and hang one up on my door. I’m on a bit of a calendar/schedule kick so they’ll be a post coming soon about the 365 calendar I made for myself and a few friends in 2013.

What about you? Is your schedule equivalent to an extra appendage? Or stained into your memory for safekeeping?



I'm Emily Ann Moschner. I was raised on the sunny side of a street in Port Richey, Florida. Growing up, I doodled, sprinkled chalk dust on rollie pollie ollies and yes, hand-copied pages of the dictionary.

Some things never change.

Now, I call Gainesville my fake home. I am a journalism student at the University of Florida, and to the despair of my notebooks, I still doodle. Instead of feed, I photograph insects, or anything else I find remotely picturesque. As for the dictionary, well I am constantly flipping its pages wishing those days of copying had led to any of it sticking in my head.

Alas, I created a blog. To be real, it's for a class. Or maybe that's just an excuse because I follow about 80 and this was the next natural step.

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